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Tri-Lakes Rentals 
Tri-Lakes Rentals is a Full Service firm that understands the financial goals of our clients. Our main objective is to make sure every client is 100% satisfied with our property management services. Our success is attributed to an experienced work force, customer services and business ethics which stand above our competitors. 
At Tri-Lakes Rentals we don’t just collect the rent; we implement a set of necessary services that provide our clients with outstanding service and peace of mind when they trust us with their property. Tri-Lakes has invested heavily in state of the art computer software that allows us to deliver detailed reports making the client at ease knowing they will have the appropriate paperwork when they need it.
At Tri-Lakes Rentals we provide a set of services that are unparalled in our industry. Following these strict guidelines that we have created ensure that your experience with our Company is flawless.
There are three keys to successful marketing of your property.
v     Print Campaign
v     Internet Marketing Campaign
v     Direct Marketing Campaign
Our unique marketing campaign weaves these three approaches into one coordinated program, assuring the client receives the highest value from our advertising budget. Tri-Lakes monitors these campaigns closely to maximize the number of qualified tenants we can attract. We also cooperate and network with Real Estate agents in the area offering them a finders fee should they have a potential tenant. 
Once our marketing plan has attracted prospective tenants’, our property manager will be on hand to show your property and close the transaction. Each new prospective tenant must meet our stringent qualifications. 
Some of the items we implement will include:
v     Background Check (to include criminal and judgments)
v     Credit Check
v     Previous Rental History
v     Employment History (to include current employment verification)
v     Common Sense
Our meticulous process will keep risk at a minimum for the client and the property. We currently operate a 98% pay on time history. We don’t just look for warm bodies. We analyze the situation and base our decision on the ability to collect the most important aspect of the property management relationship. “RENT”  
Strategic Planning
At Tri-Lakes Rentals we concisely plan and execute to meet the needs of our clients. At the beginning of each year we analyze our marketing efforts and budget to asses where we are receiving the most calls and potential tenants. We also analyze our maintenance agreements to make sure that we are getting the best deal for our clients during the move in move out process. We also want to evaluate your business philosophies and goals for the coming year. 
Customer Service
Customer service is key to making the property management and tenant leasing a pleasant experience. We are prepared for every situation relating to the management of your property. Our property managers are trained to be polite, attentive, and effective, whether answering questions, transacting business, or dealing with emergencies. 
We understand your tenants’ desire to feel their needs are being met by the company. Our policy is to respond to all residents’ requests within 24 hours. If circumstances prevent a quick fix, we communicate the situation to the resident so they are assured that they will receive the needed service. 
Tri-Lakes Rentals has maintenance technicians ready to respond to any situation. Tenants with an after hours issue may call our offce number, and we will respond appropriately to their need.
What you can expect from Tri-Lakes Rentals is continuity and a depth of expertise that provides you with consistent, high quality service. Best of all, you know what to expect from us. Not just good service, but outstanding service that will pay for itself over time.
Property Maintenance
Regular Maintenance and routine checkups are crucial to protect the value of your property. We can schedule reviews to ensure the property is being taken care of and that there aren't any unreported issues that could damage the property if not taken care of in a timely fashion. Please inquire about pricing.
Also before any apartment or home is shown to a prospective resident, the property manager will make sure it is ready for a family to move into. We have an extensive checklist that has to be completed prior to the property being shown. 



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